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Help support our programs and keep the forest in "The Forest City"!


ReForest London Newsletter

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Our Team

Board of Directors

Mike Bloxam, Director
Owner, SunTap Technologies

John Cabral, Trees Committee Chair               
Chartered Professional Accountant

Katie den Bok, Director
Partner, Enterprise Audit, KPMG LLP

Brandon de Vries, Director

Hosam Elshrek, Director

Sandy Ferguson, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair
Charted Professional Accountant

Craig Flinn, Marketing Committee Chair
Managing Director, Trestleworks


Paul Hendrikx, Corporate Secretary, Governance Committee Chair
Associate Lawyer

Dale Jardine, Director
Past President, London and Area Association for Volunteer Administration (LAVA)

Harry Joosten, Vice Chair, Westminter Ponds Committe Chair
Independent Community Service Professional

Scott May, Director

Doug McIntosh, Board Chair

Dan Shekhar, Director
President and CEO of CanAsian International Business Inc.

Director Biographies



Amber Cantell
Director of Programs
519-936-9548 x 224

Sheila Creighton
Partnerships and Marketing Manager
519-936-9548 x 228

Brianne Curry
School Program Coordinator
& Green Legacy Study Coordinator
519-936-9548 x226

Susan McPartlin
School Program Assistant
Seeds to Forest Program
519-936-9548 x 229

Alex Meilutis
Project Manager
Park Naturalizations and Aftercare
519-936-9548 x 225

Kelsey Nicholls
Community Engagement Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator, Tree Gifts, Tree Seedlings
519-936-9548 x 221

Julie Read
Neighbourhood ReLeaf Coordinator
Tree Depots
519-936-9548 x222

Dean Sheppard
Executive Director
519-936-9548 x 223

Staff Biographies  Team Strategic Planning Session 2015